Applicant Information

Aaron and Malik at the First Team Networking Event 2009

First Team is a mini-Hollywood.

Everything you do in mainstream Hollywood, you do in First Team. You make connections, follow-up with contacts, read scripts, watch reels, and take meetings.

The difference is we make Hollywood manageable.

We bring together talented alumni writers, directors, and producers who are interested in similar projects. We make it easy for participants to find fellow filmmakers who want to collaborate and get projects off the ground.

What’s more, we cultivate relationships with industry affiliates, who want to work with our teams.

Make no mistake – we don’t silver-platter anything. We don’t hand out contact info sheets. We don’t relay messages to other participants. We don’t assign teammates. We don’t mediate disagreements between teammates.

First Team is a professional organization run by working industry professionals. We provide an opportunity and a support structure to help our participants launch their projects.