Industry Affiliate FAQ

1. I’m super-busy. Is this going to take up much time?

No. This won’t be a time suck. Starting in the fall, you’ll get periodic emails with loglines in them. We usually send out one logline per week. If you see something you want to read, hit us back and we’ll send you a pdf of the script and the director’s reel.

2. Am I gonna be inundated with cold calls, emails or query letters?

Nope. Your initial interaction will be with USC First Team Program Leaders. We’re your buffer from the participants. If you request a script and don’t respond to it, simply let us know and we’ll handle the rest. If you read something that’s perfect for your company and want to meet with the team, we’ll facilitate your introduction to the team and you can take it there.

3. Am I going to be overwhelmed with the number of projects?

We don’t think so. We have a limited number of participant slots. We’re estimating a maximum of 30 projects. And we don’t expect all 30 will be industry-ready at the same time.

4. How do you know if something is industry-ready?

Every project goes through a rigorous vetting process. We read everything. If we don’t think the project is ready, we kick it back to the team. While we don’t creatively develop the projects, we do give notes.

5. What if I don’t see anything I want to read?

No harm, no foul. This is Hollywood. Not every project is going to be perfect for everyone. Our participants are alumni. They’re in the industry. Most of them have hit the festivals circuit. And several have written, produced, or directed feature films. They’re pretty industry savvy. They know how the industry works. And they’re dying to bring you something you’re excited about.